30th October – Malta Stock Exchange – Office of the Prime Minister tour

The Malta Stock Exchange became a reality upon enactment of the Malta Stock Exchange Act in 1990, and commenced its trading operations on 8 January 1992. Today it is a fully-fledged regulated market which successfully fulfils its role as an effective venue to raise capital finance.

The Exchange carries out this role by providing a structure for admission of financial instruments to its recognised lists which may subsequently be traded on a regulated, transparent and orderly market place (secondary market).The main participants in the market are Issuers, Stock Exchange Members (stockbrokers), and the investors in general. Apart from admission and trading, the Exchange offers a comprehensive range of back–office services including maintenance of share and bond registers, clearing and settlement and custody services through its Central Securities Depository (CSD) which is situated in-house. It also has a link with Clearstream Banking in Frankfurt, Germany and in Luxembourg facilitating international access. The Malta Stock Exchange offers a varied spectrum of products and services.